Hurricane Sandy Photos on TIME Lightbox
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Our hearts and prayers go out to all those on the east coast who were and still are affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Courtesy Spenser Platt/Getty Images

Courtesy Spenser Platt/Getty Images

Like many of you I’m sure, I have been watching The Weather Channel and network television wanting to see what is happening 3000 miles away, wanting to connect with what people are going through.

I have also turned to one of my favorite online photography sites, TIME LightBox. Photojournalism is such a powerful medium to portray the human condition, and TIME is doing a great job sharing amazing images with us. Time, Getty, Corbis, Zuma Press, AP, Reuters. just to name a few agencies, have their photographers on the ground and in the air covering the storm. Take a look!

As Sandy drew near, TIME asked five photographers — Michael Christopher Brown, Benjamin Lowy, Ed Kashi, Andrew Quilty and Stephen Wilkes — to document the hurricane and its aftermath via Instagram.

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  1. Michelle says:

    These pictures are amazing. So much better and so much more expressive than what I’ve seen from the news sources. It’s weird to see beauty in destruction.

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