Barbara Hazen’s Work Featured in Art & Beyond Magazine!
Aug 6th 2015 Posted in: Blog, Photographers 0

Art & Beyond Nude and Figurative Art issue 2015 Barbara Hazen photographer

Barbara Hazen’s work “Rising Above ” was featured on the front cover for a special “Nude and Figurative Art” issue of Art & Beyond magazine.

Congratulations to Barbara Hazen, a Mill Valley photographer and friend of The Image Flow, on scoring the front cover of Art & Beyond magazine’s Annual Juried Special Issue, Nude and Figurative Art “The Body Beautiful.”

Art_Beyond_Nude_and_Figurative_Art_issue_2015 interviewInside the magazine, Barbara is featured in a Q&A in which she describes how she came to photography after a long successful career in the food industry. She says photography had been a long-time interest, and finally committed herself fully to it.

“The skill set for cooking and photography are very similar: creativity, precision, detail, composition, and the ability to work independently,” she says.

Art & Beyond’s special issue, as well as all of its issues, can be viewed online or ordered as a print edition.

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