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Ramses Batista Cuba photography

Ramses H. Batista is one of Cuba’s most renowned modern photographers, his career spanning more than 20 years and virtually every subject imaginable: portraiture, social documentary, religion, landscapes, and most recently, nudes. But Batista didn’t start his artistic career as a photographer; as a young man, he was a painter, until one defining interaction with an instructor changed his path forever.

“His painting instructor told him, ‘You’re a terrible painter. But you would be a very good photographer,’” says San Francisco-based photographer Jock McDonald, a long time friend of Batista’s who has himself made more than 50 trips to Cuba.

Ramses took his instructor’s advice and turned toward photography and cinematography. He has since worked with several Cuban and international photography agencies and magazines, and has had numerous solo exhibitions in Cuba, Canada, and Europe.

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The Image Flow holiday promotions photography workshops printing services

Photography is a wonderful gift, whether it’s a limited edition artwork or print, or a workshop for a budding young photographer. This holiday season at The Image Flow, we want to say thank you to our customers for your continued support with these special offers. Get up to 20% off on photography workshops or buy five one-on-one sessions and get one free—we’ve got offers here that appeal to all tastes and budgets!

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Maui Haleakala Flow Photography Tips

Ever get up at the crack of dawn and haul out of the hotel/condo/AirBnb with a cup of coffee and camera and haul down to a beautiful beach or center of a quaint Eastern European city ready to take the perfect sunrise photography, only to be overcome with the feeling that it’s already been done? Here, travel photographer Jeff Zaruba offers five tips for turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

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© barbara hazen weekend photography workshop big sur The Image Flow

The Image Flow headed down to Big Sur for an all-inclusive weekend photography workshop shooting nude models and the rugged California coast, not to mention a tour of Ansel Adams’ private darkroom and a behind-the-scenes look at the Edward Weston estate. Stuart Schwartz offers a few words:

This is the first time we’ve held Big Sur Landscapes & Nudes, and you never know how a new workshop is going to go, so there’s always a bit of apprehension. But as soon as we got to the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA, on Thursday, for a presentation of work by instructors Michelle Magdalena and Ken Parker and a motivational talk with Artistic Director Brian Taylor, it was pretty obvious it would a special weekend.

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Grizzly with Salmon © Mary D'Agostino nature & landscape photographer

Emerging nature and landscape photographer Mary D’Agostino is as homegrown as much of her work. A busy executive by day, Mary used to spend her vacations painting wildlife, but in recent years, she has developed a passion for photography. She put herself through a “school of photography” taking workshops and classes at The Image Flow and started working one-on-one with Stuart. “I was doing projects and shooting a lot, and I would routinely bring my work in for critique from Stuart.”

Mary has also sought critiques from experts in the field of nature photography, which have been met with increasing success. “I’m fearless when it comes to finding people in the field of photography to evaluate my photographs,” she says.

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cuba photography workshop

Building on the popularity and success of our first workshop in Cuba last winter, in February 2016, The Image Flow will host not one, but two Cuba photography workshops designed to give you an inside look at the most iconic aspects of Cuba, from a Cuban perspective. Space is limited to only eight lucky participants in each workshop, and both workshops are filling up fast!

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Nathan Lomas digital photography instruction

Nathan Lomas has been a photographer since the age of five. He’s dabbled in painting and a few other pursuits, but photography is the one that stuck. “My dad put an old Ricoh camera in my hands about that age. I didn’t really know what I was doing,” he says. Jump ahead a couple of decades, and Nathan has definitely figured it out.

Nathan is The Image Flow’s newest team member, a photographer, adjunct professor, and studio owner specializing in making antique tintypes modern again.

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Leanne Hansen Language of Light

On the cusp between student and teacher, Leanne Hansen discusses her career before photography, the importance of light, and finding her best images close to home.

“To make successful photographs, we need to understand all of the possibilities and variations for light.” Her new workshop The Language of Light for Photographers offers photographers the opportunity to explore and experiment with the different types, shapes, and colors of light.

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Mike Roberts Wish You Were Here America's Postcard King

In Wish You Were Here, author Bob Roberts details the life and work of his father Mike Roberts, which spanned more than 50 years. A self-taught pioneer in the development of color photography and printing, Mike was a 20th-century icon known as America’s Postcard King.

Lightroom expert and in-house retouching specialist Taralynn Lawton worked three years to retouch 70 of Mike’s historic color and black and white images.

“There was one piece that we had from the cover of a Disneyland magazine. It was really a disaster and she patched up the color and the image so that you have no idea,” says Bob.

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Catherine Karnow San Francisco photography

Catherine Karnow has shot in far-flung places around the globe, but she loves shooting at home in San Francisco and Marin. She says one of the reasons she lives in Mill Valley is because of how photogenic the Bay Area is. She gave The Image Flow the inside scoop on her five favorite places to for stay-cation shooting.

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film photography Zac Mosher processes his black and white images at The Image Flow

Zac Mosher, a 14-year-old student at Mill Valley Middle School, has been spending several hours per week in the darkroom at The Image Flow for the past six months processing and printing his black and white images.

“I actually started shooting film after I started with digital, but I wasn’t super into photography at the time,” he says. Later, he discovered his mom’s old cameras while going through a storage unit with his parents. “I thought they were really cool. So I got the cameras and went out and got some film. That’s what really sparked my interest.”

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Ardi Arni sunrise Cuba photography workshop

Stuart Schwartz and Jock McDonald led a group of American photographers to Cuba for a week of shooting. The week started in Miami. Stuart Schwartz and Jock McDonald met their six workshop participants in a hotel the night before the flight to Cuba. The group spanned more than five decades in age and as many shooting styles.

“My chief concern was, are these people going to get along?” says Stuart. “It was a big cross-section of participants, but it was a harmonious group of people, they were a family. It was a family trip.”

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Visual storytelling series by Susanna Frohman. Angela Layba is a U.S. military veteran who is being trained in organic farming at Slide Ranch in Northern California. Her internship was funded by a partnership between the Farmer Veteran Coalition and the San Francisco Foundation. Photo © Susanna Frohman.

It’s no secret that we live in a culture saturated with photographs. These days, any body with a phone is a photographer, and shooting pictures all the time. We look at images day in and day out, but what we don’t often see are photographs carefully considered and shot in way that really tells a story. Instructors Susanna Frohman and Kathleen Hennessy discuss how to tell a visually compelling story about a subject in your own backyard.

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Cyanotype workshop with Daniel Coburn at The Image Flow

The Image Flow hosted cyanotype guru Daniel Coburn of the University of Kansas this past weekend for a three-day workshop. The diverse group of participants from across the country was nine-strong; 14-year-old prodigy Zac Mosher was the youngest, while the oldest (we won’t name names) was somewhere north of 70. Fun, photography, and Sol Food was had by all!

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alice cooper by rock photographer Bill Green

In late 1972, 14-year-old rock photographer hopeful Bill Green began sneaking into the legendary Academy of Music in New York City to snap photos of rock ‘n’ roll’s biggest stars. His images quickly caught the eye of promoter Howard Stein who offered Bill full access in exchange for prints of his stylized black and white images. For the next three years, Bill photographed every show that came through NYC, including icons like Kiss, Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Iggy Pop, Jethro Tull, The Who, Joe Cocker, Santana, and ZZ Top.

Eventually, Bill grew up grew up, and his life moved away from rock n’ roll. His catalog of some 20,000 images has been packed away for the last 40 years, until now. These incredible images will be part of a new show Rock Palaces of New York, The Fillmore East and The Academy of Music at New York’s Morrison Hotel Gallery, featuring the golden period of the NYC rock scene.

Herewith, five questions with Bill on his early obsession with photography, picking up girls, and how The Image Flow’s own Stuart Schwartz helped save a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll history.

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photography mistakes maledive skipper

Here at The Image Flow our clients often bring in photos to print that were made during amazing trips to every continent. Many of the images we see are world-class and require very little adjustment before an excellent print can be made. But an unfortunate percentage of camera work was not completely successful, and the finished product is limited by one or more technical mistakes made by the photographer in the field. No matter where your journeys may take you, a similar set of pitfalls can plague any photographer wherever she or he may go.

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Interment Daniel Coburn cyanotype photographic process

Photographer Daniel Coburn says photography is about ideas. “As image makers we have a valuable opportunity to engage with a variety of historical processes, to make images that are beautiful, unique, and rich in concept.”

Daniel first discovered 19th century alternative photographic processes as an undergraduate studying under the accomplished alternative process photographer Marydorsey Wanless. Although he has recently come to be known for his work with the cyanotype process, Daniel has worked in the full range of alternative processes. He says it’s not about the process; it’s about choosing the right process for the project.

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Anthony Fendler Catherine Karnow exhibition-quality printing Vietnam retrospective

Photographer Catherine Karnow has made a name for herself shooting surprising and thought-provoking images of Vietnam since 1990. Her new retrospective will open at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Hong Kong March 9.

Catherine is well known in Vietnam: She began shooting in the country in 1990, and calls the late General Giap a personal friend. In 1994, she was the only foreign journalist invited to accompany him privately to Dien Bien Phu, the site of the battle that won Vietnam independence from the French.

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toned cyanotype coburn

There are very few opportunities to study the alternative photographic processes like gum bichromate, platinum/palladium, or wet plate collodion printing—especially in the west. The Image Flow brings together the world’s best photographers and instructors to teach these processes on a rotating schedule.

“For anybody interested in the alternative processes, it’s a rare opportunity to learn them,” said Ed Carey, owner of Gallery 291 and the alternative process workshop liaison at The Image Flow.

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Working out of Ramses Fiat Lunch Box All the photo gear on the roof

Jock McDonald went to Cuba for the first time in 1990 with Bernardo Gonzalez, the son of Mexican Minister of Culture Juan Francisco Gonzalez. The elder Gonzalez had had become somewhat of a mentor to Jock on Latin American culture after giving him his first retrospective show in Mexico. “Juan Francisco said to me, ‘You’ll never understand Latin America if you don’t understand Cuba,’” Jock recalls.

“But he said, ‘I’m not going, I’m married. I’m going to have my son take you.’ I will never forget the look in his son’s eyes, the look that said, ‘I’m not taking a gringo to Cuba!’” Jock laughs.

Since 1990, photographer he has made some 50 trips to Cuba. What keeps him coming back, are the friendships he has found.