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kids photography workshops

It’s been a busy summer at The Image Flow with two sessions of our Summer Photo Camp for Kids and the Angel Island Summer Photo Excursion. All of these kids photography workshops are geared toward middle school-aged shooters, one of my favorite ages to teach because they’re able to handle more challenging concepts and assignments and they learn so fast.

The goals of the workshops are simple: Teach kids how to use their camera on manual mode and how to do basic post-processing in Lightroom—I find that even my intermediate students benefit from the review and practice of using their cameras with the exercises I give them. In the Angel Island workshop, which is made up primarily of students that already have some photography experience, we do some work with Photoshop as well.

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How to be a better photographer

Our favorite kids instructor Constance Chu gives us four tips for young photographers (and you too) on how to be better at photography. She says, getting good at photography is just like anything else: To be good, you’ve got to work at it.

While she won’t guarantee you fame and fortune in photography, she says becoming a better photographer is not as daunting a task as it may sometimes seem—and it will also be a lot of fun!

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Youth Photography workshop OMG workshop-10 sm

The Image Flow has been buzzing with kids this summer, and we couldn’t be more impressed or proud of the work they’ve turned in! Our most recent workshop, OMG! Summer Photography for Youth, saw our very own Constance Chu lead a group of extremely talented kids ages 11 – 14 around Mill Valley while they looked for light, shadows, and shapes while learning how to maximize their cameras’ manual settings.

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film photography Zac Mosher processes his black and white images at The Image Flow

Zac Mosher, a 14-year-old student at Mill Valley Middle School, has been spending several hours per week in the darkroom at The Image Flow for the past six months processing and printing his black and white images.

“I actually started shooting film after I started with digital, but I wasn’t super into photography at the time,” he says. Later, he discovered his mom’s old cameras while going through a storage unit with his parents. “I thought they were really cool. So I got the cameras and went out and got some film. That’s what really sparked my interest.”

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Visual storytelling series by Susanna Frohman. Angela Layba is a U.S. military veteran who is being trained in organic farming at Slide Ranch in Northern California. Her internship was funded by a partnership between the Farmer Veteran Coalition and the San Francisco Foundation. Photo © Susanna Frohman.

It’s no secret that we live in a culture saturated with photographs. These days, any body with a phone is a photographer, and shooting pictures all the time. We look at images day in and day out, but what we don’t often see are photographs carefully considered and shot in way that really tells a story. Instructors Susanna Frohman and Kathleen Hennessy discuss how to tell a visually compelling story about a subject in your own backyard.

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Photography workshops for kids this summer at The Image Flow

School’s almost out, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops—it just becomes a lot more fun! This summer, The Image Flow is has designed a collection of photography workshops for kids, no matter what their experience level.

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Enjoy this new night photography workshop with Hendrik Paul this summer at The Image Flow. Photo © Hendrik Paul.

The Image Flow has long been known for its fantastic assortment of photography workshops, geared to all levels of photographers. This summer, The Image Flow is expanding its workshop offerings to include a whole host of workshops for photographers of all ages. From how to prepare for a major photographic excursion, to storytelling with images, TIF has a workshop for you.

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Hillary Sloss Digital Photography for Youth

How can we let our kids be kids, to see the way kids see, while still teaching them something about photography? Hillary Sloss is a veteran photojournalist based in Marin County and a digital and film photography instructor at the San Francisco Waldorf High School. Her new class, Digital Photography for Youth, is designed especially to encourage young people to explore their world through photography.

The idea is, she says, to help young photographers create beautiful images that are youthful, but not childish. “It’s important to give young photographers enough so that they can advance their photographic skills, without inundating them too many rules,” says Hillary.