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Fine-art photographers. Self-Portrait in Octopus, 2009. Photo © David Favrod.

It is no secret that the medium of photography has become increasingly complicated by the advent of the digital age. Nearly every image we encounter—from advertising and billboards to packaging and fine art—receives some level of digital treatment before arriving in our periphery. Altered images have become so commonplace that they are no longer questioned.

Knowing this, why then is there a persisting notion of photography as a mechanism of truth? It seems to exist as a residual concept of the photograph as something objective and substantiated by its relationship to reality.

But what we perceive to be real is malleable and shifting. This is where my personal interests in photography seem to manifest, in a space where artists are free to toy with the artifice that is inherent to photographs. Through individual choices regarding process, presentation, and content, the following are a few contemporary photographic artists that tread the boundaries of illusion and reality.

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Ballerina Misty Copeland photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz, a San Francisco Art Institute alum, began her famed career as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone in the early 1970s. Over the past 40 years, she has created some of the most stunning and most controversial photographs of her day. Her new exhibition Women: New Portraits now on display at the Presidio’s Building 649 at Chrissy Field features portraits of some the world’s most influential women, from ballerina Misty Copeland to anthropologist Jane Goodall to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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Tips for night photography from expert shooter Hendrik Paul

Fine art photographer Hendrik Paul is best known for his surreal black and white landscapes of the Marin Headlands, but he also likes to venture out at night to take ethereal images in both urban and rural settings.

Here our most accomplished night shooter shares his tips for night photography, from the best equipment to use to the best time to shoot, so you can start taking beautiful photos at night!

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How to be a better photographer

Our favorite kids instructor Constance Chu gives us four tips for young photographers (and you too) on how to be better at photography. She says, getting good at photography is just like anything else: To be good, you’ve got to work at it.

While she won’t guarantee you fame and fortune in photography, she says becoming a better photographer is not as daunting a task as it may sometimes seem—and it will also be a lot of fun!

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9 iconic cameras, A century of iconic cameras and how they influenced photography.

Photography has come a long way since the daguerreotype. While the first 100 years focused on perfecting the chemical process, the next 100 years focused on popularizing it. Read on to discover nine of history’s most iconic cameras, and how they influenced photography.

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Lundy Canyon, 1993, 4x5 platinum/palladium print. Photo © Kerik Kouklis. Best paper for platinum/palladium printing

Photographers who work with the historic, hand-made or otherwise alternative printing processes know that a good print requires a good paper. Each process has different requirements for what makes a “good” paper, and those of platinum/palladium printing are among the strictest.

It’s been almost 30 years since Kerik Kouklis made his first platinum/palladium print, and in that time, he says there’s never been such a selection of new and improved papers coming onto the market at the same time.

Here, in his own words, Kerik reveals the best of the best from long-time industry stalwarts Hahnemühle, Legion Paper, and Arches.

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Photography in Cuba, photographing Cuba

The Image Flow is back from our second (perhaps annual) workshops in Cuba. There were new experiences, old friends, and of course a night at the Tropicana. The group came home exhilarated and stimulated and with a portfolio of work even beyond our own expectations. Stuart Schwartz fills us in.

We wanted to build on the success of our first photography workshop in Cuba in April 2015, and this past February organized two more back to back, Cuba: Behind Closed Doors and The Havana Highway: Rum, Cars & Cigars. It was particularly satisfying to us as organizers that all six participants from last April signed up again, and we added to that some great new faces, including two old friends of mine who joined us all the way from Switzerland.

Both sessions turned out to be just ideal, from student participation to the variety of shooting opportunities. Of course there were glitches, as there will be when organizing a group of people—especially in Cuba—but it’s a testament to both our local guides Ramses and Alex and the go-with-the-flow attitude of the group that no matter what came up, we made the best of it. Ramses Batista, a renowned photographer in his own right, was our man on the ground; he’d make a call, and all of a sudden we were in a private apartment shooting portraits of a fascinating individual. Often, those little glitches served to make our experience even more authentic and unique.

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top instagram accounts

Need some #inspiration? Here are our 10 favorite Instagram accounts from Bay Area photographers (and one SoCal) that we follow—and why you should too.

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Chrysta Giffen photo retouching digital imaging expert

If you read magazines or watch TV (or have landed at SFO recently) you’ve seen Chrysta Giffen’s work. With more than 12 years in the photography industry, she’s one of the most sought-after digital retouchers in the business. Her extensive client list includes Nike, Disney, and Sephora; Bravo TV, Discovery Channel, and Showtime; New York Magazine, Wired, and Men’s Vogue; and a certain giant albino python—just to name a few.

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A film still from Gary Yost's work in Fiji. Gary says Fijians and warm and welcoming people.

Marin County, CA-based filmmaker Gary Yost is best known for his short film The Invisible Peak about a project to restore the West Peak of Mount Tamalpais to its natural state. The film was shown in numerous film festivals to acclaim and awards. Most recently, Gary was invited to the Fijian island of Vanua Levu by Gavin de Becker, founder of the Naqaqa Giving Foundation to film the indigenous people of that island.

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Burnt palms near Salton Sea, 2015. Photo © Ted Orland.

Ted Orland is one of The Image Flow’s favorite wandering photographers, with a love of photography and life that is truly infectious.

He began his career as a young graphic artist working for famed designer Charles Eames and later served as photographer Ansel Adams’s assistant. Now a celebrated landscape photographer himself, Ted’s portfolio spans classical black and white photography, hand-colored photographs, and one-of-a-kind multi-image panoramas. He also co-authored the best-selling artists’ survival guide book Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking.

This spring, Ted will lead a new landscape and travel photography workshop to California’s Salton Sea and Joshua Tree National Park along with Brian Taylor, artistic director of the Center for Photographic Art.

In his own words, Ted shares seven of his favorite photography subjects throughout in this unique region of California.

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Ramses Batista Cuba photography

Ramses H. Batista is one of Cuba’s most renowned modern photographers, his career spanning more than 20 years and virtually every subject imaginable: portraiture, social documentary, religion, landscapes, and most recently, nudes. But Batista didn’t start his artistic career as a photographer; as a young man, he was a painter, until one defining interaction with an instructor changed his path forever.

“His painting instructor told him, ‘You’re a terrible painter. But you would be a very good photographer,’” says San Francisco-based photographer Jock McDonald, a long time friend of Batista’s who has himself made more than 50 trips to Cuba.

Ramses took his instructor’s advice and turned toward photography and cinematography. He has since worked with several Cuban and international photography agencies and magazines, and has had numerous solo exhibitions in Cuba, Canada, and Europe.

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The Image Flow holiday promotions photography workshops printing services

Photography is a wonderful gift, whether it’s a limited edition artwork or print, or a workshop for a budding young photographer. This holiday season at The Image Flow, we want to say thank you to our customers for your continued support with these special offers. Get up to 20% off on photography workshops or buy five one-on-one sessions and get one free—we’ve got offers here that appeal to all tastes and budgets!

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Sol LeWitt (U.S.A., 1928–2007 Bands of Lines in Four Directions–B, 1993. Woodcut. Gift of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York; Hassam, Speicher, Betts and Symons Funds 1995, 1995.14

Artists at Work is a major exhibition at Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center that examines how artists become inspired, how they make objects, and how place can impact an artist’s work.

The exhibition features more than 70 works from the museum’s permanent collection, including works by Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Édouard Manet, J. M. W. Turner, Sol LeWitt, Richard Serra, and other renowned American and European artists. There are also several pieces on loan from contemporary artists Trevor Paglen, Garth Weiser, Rachel Owens, and others.

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Maui Haleakala Flow Photography Tips

Ever get up at the crack of dawn and haul out of the hotel/condo/AirBnb with a cup of coffee and camera and haul down to a beautiful beach or center of a quaint Eastern European city ready to take the perfect sunrise photography, only to be overcome with the feeling that it’s already been done? Here, travel photographer Jeff Zaruba offers five tips for turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

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Untitled. Oakland, Calif. 2011. From the series, "Occupy Bay Area." Photo © Lily Chen. Catchlight Exhibition

Catchlight was founded by social documentary photographer Nancy Farese to help share connect committed photographers and visual storytellers with their audiences through traditional media as well as across innovative new platforms to connect. Status Update is a live event November 13 – 15 organized by Catchlight to highlight photography and video about change, chance, and inequality in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Status Update looks at the changing lives of Bay Area residents and the support structures on which everyone relies: housing, healthcare, policing, education, and jobs. The exhibition will feature works by Lily Chen, Janet DeLaney, Sergio De La Torre, and nearly a dozen others.

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© barbara hazen weekend photography workshop big sur The Image Flow

The Image Flow headed down to Big Sur for an all-inclusive weekend photography workshop shooting nude models and the rugged California coast, not to mention a tour of Ansel Adams’ private darkroom and a behind-the-scenes look at the Edward Weston estate. Stuart Schwartz offers a few words:

This is the first time we’ve held Big Sur Landscapes & Nudes, and you never know how a new workshop is going to go, so there’s always a bit of apprehension. But as soon as we got to the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA, on Thursday, for a presentation of work by instructors Michelle Magdalena and Ken Parker and a motivational talk with Artistic Director Brian Taylor, it was pretty obvious it would a special weekend.

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Grizzly with Salmon © Mary D'Agostino nature & landscape photographer

Emerging nature and landscape photographer Mary D’Agostino is as homegrown as much of her work. A busy executive by day, Mary used to spend her vacations painting wildlife, but in recent years, she has developed a passion for photography. She put herself through a “school of photography” taking workshops and classes at The Image Flow and started working one-on-one with Stuart. “I was doing projects and shooting a lot, and I would routinely bring my work in for critique from Stuart.”

Mary has also sought critiques from experts in the field of nature photography, which have been met with increasing success. “I’m fearless when it comes to finding people in the field of photography to evaluate my photographs,” she says.

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cuba photography workshop

Building on the popularity and success of our first workshop in Cuba last winter, in February 2016, The Image Flow will host not one, but two Cuba photography workshops designed to give you an inside look at the most iconic aspects of Cuba, from a Cuban perspective. Space is limited to only eight lucky participants in each workshop, and both workshops are filling up fast!

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Images pictured by Nancy Farese for an upcoming exhibition. Photo © Constance Chu.

Through October 31, The Image Flow is offering one free 16 x 20 print* when you order a second print. Print one image twice or print two different images, it’s up to you! Either way, you’ll get two gorgeous exhibition-quality prints for the price of one.