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Unveiling of The Harmonica Player 
The Image Flow is pleased to celebrate the unveiling of Tiburon portrait and figurative artist Ingrid C. Lockowandt’s original acrylic painting and award-winning photograph, The Harmonica Player, on Saturday, September 13 from 6 to 8PM.

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lightroom import tutorial

Adobe Lightroom is designed to make everything about digital photography easier. In this new video, The Image Flow’s Lightroom instructor Taralynn Lawton gives a quick tutorial on importing images into the program.

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Anthony Fendler digital imaging expert

Anthony Fendler comes to The Image Flow after eight years in Santa Cruz as image collection manager at the Frans Lanting Studio. He has over two decades of professional experience using the digital darkroom and desktop publishing. He is an expert fine art printer and long-time photo workflow educator. He will be teaching workshops at The Image Flow as well as working with clients to fulfill all of their photographic and digital darkroom needs. Here he answers five questions on photography, technology, and how they intersect.

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Matt Schriock bids farewell to The Image Flow after 5 years

Matt Schriock joined The Image Flow five years ago and quickly became an integral member of our team. Matt now has a lovely new wife and new adventures ahead of him in Los Angeles. Read a special goodbye letter from Matt here, and join us at The Image Flow on Wednesday, August 27 at 6:30pm to wish him the best of luck!

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Instagram, Pei Ketron

Pei Ketron is a San Francisco-based photographer and educator who’s been shooting since 2001 and teaching photo classes privately and through companies such as Skillshare, Edelman, and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops since 2010. She also has over 830,000 followers on Instagram—and for good reason too. Her work, which explores symmetry and vantage points, is a breath of fresh air on cluttered Instagram feeds filled with brunch plates and cats.

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Photography Exhibitions, Minor White, The Getty CenterThroughout his career, Minor White sought to photograph things not simply for what they are, but for what they might suggest—his images are full of symbolic and metaphorical allusions. Born in Minneapolis in 1908, White came of age when homosexuality was socially unacceptable and sought comfort in a variety of Western and Eastern religious practices.

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"Gone" Photo Mallory Morrison

Marin Magazine recently featured Gallery 291 and its owner Ed Carey in a recent article, in which author Cheryl Popp calls the gallery a “social haven for local artists, photographers and aficionados.”

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bay area places michelle grenier likes to shoot iphone photography workshop

After discovering Instagram in 2011, Michelle Grenier found a creative outlet in exploring the art of iPhone photography. Michelle, a photographer and instructor at The Image Flow, has over 116 thousand Instagram followers under the username michiesharine.

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Mark Edward Harris Traffic Korea photography workshop

Mark Edward Harris is a seasoned travel photographer and visual storyteller, that has traveled the world on assignment as well as for his own work. His work has been published in Life, Conde Nast traveler, Wallpaper, National Geographic, Stern, and numerous other magazines. He will be teaching a workshop and presenting a lecture at The Image Flow entitled “The Fine Art Of Travel Photography” in August.

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Daniel Coburn, an alternative process photography instructor at The University of Kansas, will give a compelling presentation at The Image Flow Monday, June 9. During his casual hour-long conversation, he will discuss the body of work on display at The Image Flow. The 10 pieces are a portion of his very personal story, Waiting For Rapture.

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Over the past decade, LensCulture has become one of the most resourceful online magazines for contemporary photography. The platform is committed to discovering and promoting outstanding photography to the global community.

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Paul Goldsmith Prague 1968 Marchers displaying Bloody Flag

In 1968, Alexander Dubček, recently elected head of the Communist Party, ushered in reforms during a period of liberalization that loosened restriction on free speech, media, and economic activity in the former Czechoslovakia. Photographer Paul Goldsmith, then only 19, rode into Prague on his Vespa on August 20, only a day before the Soviet tanks rolled into the city.

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Visual Storytelling, Haiti, nancy farese, PhotoPhilanthropy

“Suddenly I am alive, and I am in Haiti. I am on a search for toys, because toys are linked to play, and play is linked to being human, or so I think, so I’m taking my camera to Haiti to explore this idea.” writes Nancy Farese’s on her blog post, “Pain and Suffering and Joy and Resilience in Haiti.”

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Kathleen Buckstaff, Lilies: Lines, Curve and Color, Abstract photography, Hotpress inkjet paper

Kathleen Buckstaff asked The Image Flow to print her abstract images of lilies for her upcoming show Lilies: Line, Curve and Color; A Language of Love. Matt Schrock worked with Kathleen to print the detailed and vibrant project.

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Doug Freeman, Robert Malmberg, Rim & Goggles

Robert Malmberg, known for his large format wet plate collodion portraits, rented our studio last week. His client was Rims & Googles, who wanted to create unique portraiture to hang in their Marin store.

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Thomas Grubba asked The Image Flow to print his photographs of York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in Britain, for  a group show, Oakland and Beyond: Sense of Place, at Photo Gallery Oakland in April.

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Vivian Maier, Scott Nichols Gallery, photography exhibit

Vivian Maier’s riveting street photographs sent shockwaves around the photographic world when first shown in 2009.

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Rudi Dundas, an Image Flow client, takes her portfolio to Foto Fest Houston.

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photoshop_2xAdobe has a special limited time offer on their Photoshop CC and Lightroom package for Photographers, making these products more affordable then they have been in a while. Normally Photoshop is CC is $20 per month by itself, so not only do you get a 50% discount, you also get Lightroom as well. Adobe’s discount for  “Creative Cloud Plan” ends March 31st. Its worth a look, if you are interested in these products or thinking about brushing up on your editing skills in one of our Photography Workshops!  Read more

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The $45 application fee will be waived for anyone signing up from our Mailing List!