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Taralynn Lawton image protection tips

Whether you’re uploading your pictures to the Internet for business or pleasure, here are a few tips for how to protect your images in this digital world.

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Lightroom workshop

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is designed to make everything about digital photography easier. Many photographers, from amateur to professional, have put Lightroom at the center of their digital imaging workflow. Whether your photos are from that “trip of a lifetime,” or for a paying client, Lightroom offers a suite of tools and editing system for your most important work. And—the Develop module in Lightroom has even replaced the need to use Photoshop to process most images made with modern digital cameras. This is an essential program for photographers on the go.

In her Lightroom workshop, Taralynn Lawton shows you how to automatically embed your name and copyright information in each of your photos during import, and how to delete images in batches—a great way to get rid of out-of-focus or otherwise unusable images, without having to delete them one by one.

Taralynn also shows you how to take advantage of Smart Previews, so that you can store your images on an external drive, and still access them with the Develop module, even if the external drive isn’t attached. Once the external drive is plugged back in, Lightroom will automatically sync any changes you made while the file was offline. This feature wasn’t available until Lightroom 5, and is a valuable new feature for photographers who travel!

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lightroom import tutorial

Adobe Lightroom is designed to make everything about digital photography easier. In this new video, The Image Flow’s Lightroom instructor Taralynn Lawton gives a quick tutorial on importing images into the program.

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The technique is old, from the mid 1800’s, but what you can create with the Wet Plate Collodion process can be new and exciting! Shane O’Neill teaches the process in a  great hands-on, one day workshop.

Here is a short video, created by Taylor Schwartz, from  his last Image Flow workshop.