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Fran Meckler salt mine Uganda social documentary

Fran Meckler has worked as a health educator for over 20 years, but says she always had an interest in photography. It wasn’t until after her daughters were grown, however, that she took her first photography class. “I wanted to do more than just go out and take pictures—I wanted to know what I was doing,” she says.

Since that first class, Fran has taken dozens of photography workshops and continuing education classes. A decade or so ago, she was introduced to social documentary photography by her friend Nancy Farese.

“Nancy had just taken a workshop in Uganda. When she told me about it, I thought, ‘This is it! I’ve found my calling!’” Fran has always wanted to help people help themselves, and through PhotoPhilanthropy—a term coined by Nancy and the name of Nancy’s organization—Fran found that she could combine her love of photography and passion for travel and global community service.

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Johnny Winter by Bill Green
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Alice Cooper Schools Out

Prints of various sizes available in editions of 25. About Bill Green After spending years in front of these people at work I realized that freezing one moment in two dimensional form can allow a viewer to absorb these artists in a new way… somehow different from seeing the entire live performance from a seat […]