Alternative Process Photography Exhibition

Alternative Process Photography Exhibition at The Image Flow, Mill Valley, CA

Photos © Yelena Zhavoronkova, Francis Baker, and Matthew Finley

Alternative Process Photography Exhibition

August 27 – November 23, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 27, 7–9PM


The Image Flow proudly presents Alternative Process Photography, a group exhibition featuring 35 California artists working with a wide variety of historical and analog photographic printing processes.

Cyanotype, gum bichromate, lumen, palladium, photopolymer gravure, platinum, tintype, Van Dyke, and wet plate collodion processes (along with many multiple-process works) are all represented in this show. Each image printed is often one of a kind due to the nature of working with these non-commercial processes—mixing emulsions, coating materials by hand, and hand-embellishing prints are all customary to alternative process work. The prints are made on a variety of unique materials including handmade watercolor paper, specially prepared aluminum, and silks.

The exhibition was curated from over 200 submitted works from artists living and working across California—from Mill Valley photographer Leanne Hansen to West Hollywood artist Matthew Finley. San Francisco artist and photographer Max Kellenberger has had work shown and published internationally, while newcomers Germán Buenrostro and Jenna Meacham make their Marin County gallery debut.

Alternative Process Photography will featured works by: Francis Baker, Barry Brukoff, Germán Buenrostro, Bailey Chang, Bob Cornelis, Christopher Demuth, Hedi B. Desuyo, Emma Earnshaw, Rory Earnshaw, Rick English, Matthew Finley, Rhianna Gallagher, Asmund Gjevik, Leanne Hansen, Gini Holmes, Terry Husebye, Max Kellenberger, Michelle Magdalena Maddox, Erin Malone, Catharina Marlowe, Molly McCall, Marissa McPeak, Jenna Meacham, Atsuko Morita, Kimberly Mowbray, Matthew Pailes, Sean Peeler, Michael Puff, Keenan Saiz, Tony Sehgal, Alice Stern, Lisa Teng, Adrian Torkington, Ecco Wang, and Yelena Zhavoronkova.

Come celebrate this fantastic collection of work and meet the artists at our opening reception on Saturday, August 27 from 7–9PM.

Event catered by R.S.V.P. Catering.

On view through November 23.

Monday – Friday, 10AM–6PM.

"my character" Photo © Francis Baker

"Capp-Street 1 WM" Photo © Barry Brukoff

"Horses of Bliss, Grindavík Iceland" Photo © Germán Buenrostro

"Embrace 1" Photo © Bailey Chang

"Carta-1-3" Photo © Bob Cornelis

"Ranchos de Taos" Photo © Christopher Demuth

"White on Indigo" Photo © Hedi B. Desuyo

"Cactus" Photo © Emma Earnshaw

"Clarence" Photo © Rory Earnshaw

"Runway Grid" Photo © Rick English

"He hid his feelings behind a mask of his own making" Photo © Matthew Finley

"Blodeuwedd" Photo © Rhianna Gallagher

"ITLM #4" Photo © Asmund Gjevik

"Waiting" Photo © Leanne Hansen

"Cowboy Junkie" Photo © Gini Holmes

"Untitled" Photo © Terry Husebye

"Spaghetti" Photo © Max Kellenberger

"Flower Drop" Photo © Michelle Magdalena Maddox

"Child's Play" Photo © Erin Malone

"Hydrangea-in-Jar" Photo © Catharina Marlowe

"Canoe" Photo © Molly McCall

"Veiled Divinity i" Photo © Marissa McPeak

"Untitled" Photo © Jenna Meacham

"self as a madame matisse" Photo © Atsuko Morita

"Untitled" Photo © Kimberly Mowbray

"Untitled" Photo © Matthew Pailes

"Southern Belle in Mothers Wedding Dress, California" Photo © Sean Peeler

"Phoenix Rising" Photo © Michael Puff

"A Tempered Soul" Photo © Keenan Saiz

"Christopher" Photo © Tony Sehgal

"Roman Urn 2" Photo © Alice Stern

"Untitled" Photo © Lisa Teng

"Inconvenient Light, Balboa Park" Photo © Adrian Torkington

"Secret Language" Photo © Ecco Wang

"Untitled XIII" Photo © Yelena Zhavoronkova