Tintype Portrait Sessions with Nathan Lomas

Holiday portrait session tintype photography with Nathan Lomas

Tintypes © Nathan Lomas

Immortalize yourself and your loved ones with this historic photographic process.

December 19, 10AM–3PM

If you’re still searching for that perfect holiday gift for family and loved ones, look no further! On Saturday December 19, The Image Flow will offer tintype portrait sessions conducted by our own Nathan Lomas.

The tintype—a photographic process prevalent in the 1800s—is prepared with silver chemistry on a metal plate, resulting in a one-of-a-kind image that will last a lifetime. Nathan takes care in handcrafting each individual plate to create these unique, physical keepsakes. During your session, you’ll experience this hands-on technique from the studio to the darkroom. Don’t miss this chance to have your family and friends immortalized in classic 19th century style!

$180 for two 4×5 plates, $220 for groups of any size.