Photographing Kids for Beginners & Intermediates

Take your photography to the next level with this great workshop on how to photograph kids!

Two sessions: Tuesday, September 15, 9:30AM–12:30PM & Tuesday, September 29, 9:30–11:30AM

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Nicole Paulson photographing kids

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Take your photographs of children to the next level in this workshop with award-winning family photographer, Nicole Paulson!

This two-part workshop will cover the basics of taking your camera off automatic and moving into manual mode where you will learn how to have greater control over your photography. The class will cover ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds as well as compositional tips, how to make visually pleasing and balanced images, and shooting in natural light.

After a group practice session, we will come back to the classroom to upload images to Lightroom, where you will receive immediate and personalized feedback on the images you just shot.

Between the two sessions there will be a two-week break so that participants will have time to practice their newly acquired skills. In the second and final session, the group will reconvene in the classroom to review the material, answer questions, and provide more feedback on the new images.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone who would like to learn more about using the manual controls of a DSLR camera, and how to apply that knowledge to photographing kids. It is a fast-paced but fun class to help you make better images of kids!

Required Equipment: Participants should bring their camera, a laptop with Lightroom, and a way to transfer the images to the laptop while in class.

For questions or to register, call: 415.388.3569

Nicole Paulson photographing kidsInstructor bio: Nicole Paulson says she has been obsessed with taking and looking at photographs for as long as she can remember, however at USC she studied finance and then took a job in New York originating commercial mortgages. But when the market went under 2008, she decided to take time to do and learn about the things she truly loves. She went to the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and after just a few semesters her friends were asking if she could take photographs of their family ands newborns—now she photographs some 50 families each year. “I feel very lucky to have found a true passion for what I do,” she says.