Authenticity in Photography

Authenticity: The process of Photographic Creativity at The Image Flow, Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Memphis Barbree

This two-day workshop intensive is designed to help you bring together mind, heart and photographic technique to create expressive images & walk the path of the masters.

Authenticity is the single most important attribute an artist and photographer can learn and possess.

The ability to create eye-catching photographs in the 21st Century is not far from the grasp of almost anyone with a smart phone or digital SLR. In such a world, making photographs might be seen to have become a mundane activity. Yet, creating images that are a conversation between artist and subject – that speak of the true nature of both the artist and what we are photographing – is far from mundane. The path to this kind of photography and a fulfilling creative life as a photographic artist is through authenticity.

To see and photograph authentically is to understand your unique perception and to be able to join that with an understanding of the technical tools of photography. It is a process of working from within to converse with the world around us. It allows us to see and reach beyond the surface of things and is the path to creating a master work—an image that speaks of a moment in a way that reveals a greater truth and carries a moment of time onward to the future.

In this workshop, Memphis will outline the path of the masters, those who have created masterpieces of photography and painting (the origin of photography). She will review the fundamentals of human perception and photographic “seeing”.  She will discuss the basic technical problems that stand between photographers and a masterful expression and offer solutions in approach, camera technique and image processing.

Authenticity Workshop at The Image Flow, Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Memphis Barbree

Class Schedule:

Friday, March 23, 6:30–8:30PM: Introductions, overview of the weekend and checking equipment.

Saturday, March 24, 9AM–5PM: Presentation on authenticity and masterpiece in photography: what are they, why do they matter, and what are the steps toward both. Memphis will discuss practical exercises and tools to integrate into your photographic practice that help us make photographs from a place of authenticity. After a mid-day hour break, we will take a photography field trip near The Image Flow.

Sunday, March 25, 9AM–5PM:  The day starts with group image review and discussion of developing a personal, authentic, creative photographic practice. After a mid-day hour break, we will focus on post processing workflow with Lightroom.

Price: $685.00

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March 23 – 25, 2018

Who should take this workshop: 

Advanced beginners to advanced intermediate photographers.

Pertinent details:

  • Maximum twelve (12) participants

Required materials:

  • Laptop with Lightroom loaded and ready to use
  • Camera (iPhone, DSLR, point-and-shoot or other digital camera)


Instructor Bio:

Memphis Barbree is a master black-and-white digital printer, platinum printer, photographer, and artist. She has been photographing since 1989, when she was a newspaper journalist working for Knight-Ridder newspapers. A student and close friend of master printer George DeWolfe for more than a decade, Memphis’ prints are highly regarded in the photographic world for their clarity and quality. Memphis has been teaching at Santa Fe Workshops for the past few years.

Memphis is most often found traveling and working in her mobile studio, a 30-foot Airstream, and following the stories of light—streaming through the woods, dancing along a coastline, or illuminating a city street. She often works on series, choosing projects for their ecological and social importance, their beauty, and her sense of personal connection to them. She has photographed subjects like the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coastline during the 2010 British Petroleum oil disaster, the expansive New Mexico landscape, and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. You can see Memphis’s work at: