Creating Collage & Composite Images on iPhones & iPads

creating iphone composite images

Photos © Seán Duggan

Learn how to create collage and composite images on your iPhone or iPad and discover new creative possibilities for your photography.

In this one-day workshop, photographer, author, and educator Seán Duggan will show you how you can use your iPhone and/or iPad to create photo composites and collage images. We’ll cover everything from making simple and quick composite images to more intricate and detailed creations, which require layers, layer masks, and blending modes. All work will be done on your iPhone or iPad using a variety of different apps (a list of the apps we’ll use will be sent to participants before the course begins).

In addition to the nuts and bolts of working with apps to create composites, we’ll discuss what types of images or scenes work well for creating composites, and how to photograph with compositing in mind to create images that will work better once you begin the image blending process.

creating iphone composite images

Photo © Seán Duggan

Participants are welcome to bring their own images on their iOS devices, as well photograph objects or elements they want to use in a collage project. Seán will also provide a short video to watch a few weeks before the class with tips for photographing people or objects with your smartphone’s camera that make it easier to select and isolate them in a compositing project.

What if I have an Android Phone? The class will be taught from an iOS-centric perspective, but some of the apps we will work with are available on Android. All of the compositing concepts that we will explore in this class, both in terms of photography and collage or composite creation, can be applied if you use and Android device, but some of the apps shown in the class are only available for iOS.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating collage and composite images on mobile devices, and you’ll be able to use these skills on new paths of creative photographic discovery. This short video illustrates some of the skills you will learn during the workshop.

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One session:
June 17, 2017, 9:30AM–4:30PM

Who should take this workshop: 

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn creative iPhone & iPad processing techniques to make collages or composites using multiple images.

Pertinent details:

  • Maximum 12 students
  • No prior compositing experience needed
  • Basic knowledge of accessing images on iPhone or iPad is required

Required materials: 

  • Participants should bring their own iOS device (iPhone or iPad)
  • Suggested apps loaded on your device/s

Instructor Bio: Seán Duggan is a fine art photographer, author, educator, and an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert with extensive experience in both the traditional and digital darkrooms. Through his writing and teaching, he has been helping photographers master digital photography and digital darkroom techniques since 1996. He is on the faculty of the MPS Digital Photography program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, has authored several online photography courses for and LinkedIn learning including the popular series Mobile Photography Weekly, and leads creative photography and processing workshops in a variety of locations around the country. He is the co-author of Photoshop Masking & Compositing, Real World Digital Photography, The Creative Digital Darkroom, and Photoshop Artistry, and he writes a regular column for Lightroom magazine. He also offers personalized consulting and training in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as online consulting. His website can be seen at