Intro to Photoshop Workshop Series

Intro to Photoshop photography workshop series. Photo © Chrysta Giffen

Photo © Chrysta Giffen

Discover Photoshop’s most popular tools and non-destructive workflow in three independent workshops: Layers & Adjustments, Retouching, and Compositing.

Do you feel limited by Lightroom? Maybe you want to try Photoshop but aren’t sure where to start. Or are you already skilled in editing, but want to learn more about layer masking or retouching?

Now you can learn exactly what you want with our Introduction to Photoshop workshop series. Take one, two, or all three of these bite-sized workshops designed to introduce you to Photoshop’s most popular tools, non-destructive workflow, adjustment layers, layer masking, selections, and assembling master Photoshop files.

Students will be encouraged to take advantage of Adobe’s Creative Cloud annual subscription pricing for both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Intro to Photoshop Layers & Adjustments

Intro to Photoshop photography workshop series. Photo © Chrysta Giffen

Discover the power and flexibility of working in layers with non-destructive editing in Adobe Photoshop CC in this two-session workshop. We will give an overview of the various adjustment layers available as well as a deeper explanation of Levels, Curves, Hue and Saturation, and Selective Color. We’ll then move into masking and making local adjustments.

  • Day 1: Overview of the various adjustment layers and explanation how each adjustment functions. Basic masking and making local adjustments. An assignment will be given that will be due on Day 2, one week after the first class meeting.
  • Day 2: Critique and discussion of the assignment. Show examples of successful local adjustments and masking techniques for portraits, architecture, landscapes, and vintage photography.
Price: $180.00 Sold Out

Intro to Photoshop Retouching

Intro to Photoshop photography workshop series. Photo © Chrysta Giffen

Photo © Chrysta Giffen

In this class, we will learn how to clean up distracting elements and imperfections using Photoshop’s superior cloning and healing tools in a non-destructive workflow. We will cover retouching techniques for portraits (including dodging and burning), architecture (squaring up those converging lines), landscapes, and vintage photography using Adobe Photoshop CC.

Price: $100.00 Sold Out

Intro to Photoshop Compositing

Intro to Photoshop photography workshop series. Photo © Chrysta Giffen

Photo © Chrysta Giffen

Would you love to learn how to combine images? Want to add some more attractive clouds in your favorite landscape photo or cut and paste your sister’s best expression into a family photo? Or create a cool double or triple exposure. In this class, we will cover masking and selection techniques in Adobe Photoshop CC for combining multiple images for more creative control over your photography.

Price: $100.00 Sold Out

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Intro to Compositing, One Session 
Thursday, August 11, 10:30AM–12:30PM

Who should take this workshop: 

Anyone who wants to go beyond Lightroom and learn more about Adobe Photoshop CC!

Pertinent details:

  • Maximum eight (8) students

Required materials:

  • Laptop computer with Photoshop 5, 6, or CC installed
  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings and RAW capture
  • 2 – 3 RAW images on your computer to work on in class


  • Photo Essentials 1 or equivalent photographic knowledge

Chrysta Giffen photo retouching digital imaging expert

Chrysta Giffen has more than 12 years experience in the photography industry primarily as a digital retoucher. Her client list includes Nike, Disney, Sephora, Discovery Channel, Showtime, New York Magazine, Wired, and the California Academy of Sciences. She is also an experienced educator, curator, and fine art photographer. Chrysta teaches workshops at The Image Flow, works one-on-one with clients on digital retouching and printing projects, and curates exhibitions.