Collage & Photography Workshop with Mary Daniel Hobson

Collage workshop Materials

Photo © Mary Daniel Hobson

This hands-on photo collage workshop will introduce you to strategies and techniques for enhancing self-expression and creating new meaning in your work.

Collage and photography are natural companions. The paper-based nature of photography makes it well suited to being cut, pasted, and reformed in the art of collage. In addition, photography’s connection to the “real world” makes it a potent symbol when combined with other media like maps, handwriting, found objects, and more. In this digital age, when so much photographic work is done on the computer, it can be refreshing to work in a tactile way—connecting pieces together by hand to form a new whole.

photo collage workshop mary daniel hobson

“Embolden Wishes for Positive Change” from the series Milagros © Mary Daniel Hobson

Wednesday, November 1, 7–8:30PM and Saturday, November 4, 10AM–4PM

Explore techniques and strategies for combining collage with photographic imagery—creative destruction, subtraction and addition, mending, layering, transparency, symbolism and hidden messages. This hands-on photo collage workshop will introduce you to strategies and techniques for enhancing self-expression and creating new meaning in your work.

The evening session will be an introduction to the course, including a slide lecture offering numerous examples of photo collage, from Victorian albums to surrealist montages to contemporary art and beyond. The all-day session is a hands-on workshop with demonstrations and plenty of time to explore and make art using a wide range of materials, most of which will be provided by the instructor. Participants will get practical advice about substrates and adhesives, as well as explore themes such as creative destruction, subtraction and addition, mending, layering, transparency, symbolism, and hidden messages.

Most materials will be supplied, however, participants are highly encouraged to bring their own materials to enhance the meaning in their work. Please see the list in the sidebar for what to bring.

“Danny brings an incredible amount of art history and working knowledge to the process. Danny does an amazing amount of pre-work to prepare for the class, from providing an art history background to exercises to the richness of materials she provides for students to draw upon and use during the class. Danny puts together a class that’s well timed, providing examples and techniques along with exercises to facilitate focused creativity. Danny encourages and supports each student in their personal creative method no matter their artistic level.” – Lonnie

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Wednesday, November 1, 7–8:30PM
Saturday, November 4, 10AM–4PM

Who should take this workshop: 

This collage workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to use photo collage as a tool for self-expression. Beginners and experienced artists alike are welcome. You don’t need to be a photographer—you can use found photography and some photographic imagery will be provided. The only requirement is a willingness to play and explore.

Pertinent details:

  • Maximum 11 students
  • Open to participants 16 and older
  • $35 materials fee included in price
  • Most collage materials and some found photographs will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own materials.
  • Each student will also receive a 5″ x 7″ wooden panel and a small frame.

What to bring:

  • Scissors
  • X-Acto Knife and Cutting Mat (if you have one)
  • A ruler and/or straight edge for cutting and tearing
  • Photographic imagery: Some will be provided, but working with your own materials is often more powerful. You are welcome to bring found photographs or images clipped from magazines, catalogs, old books, etc. Please do not bring precious or unique prints. We will be experimenting widely, so you might wish to bring duplicate prints or copies.
  • Collage Materials: Some will be provided, but meaning is often enhanced by working with your own materials, including maps, art papers, letters, texts, journal pages, sheet music, magazines, old books, needle and thread, ribbon, small found objects, tissue paper, lace, gauze, materials from nature, rubber stamps, etc. You can often find good materials at hobby stores (like Hobby Co) or art stores (like Flax or Arch), or stationary stores (like Paper Source).

Mary Daniel Hobson portraitInstructor Bio: Mary Daniel Hobson is a mixed media photographer who has been exploring photo collage for over 20 years. Trained as an art historian, she was inspired by her graduate studies of surrealism to combine photography with other media. Whether building layered collages, bottling photographs in mineral oil, or creating intimate still lifes, she delights in the tactile and the symbolic. Her work has been widely exhibited and can be found in numerous collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Albuquerque Museum and the offices of Twitter.