Summer Photography Camp for Kids

Photography summer camp at The Image Flow, Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Constance Chu and Kyrie Rogers

A digital photography camp designed especially for kids ages 11 – 14, where having fun and challenging your creativity comes first!

Is your kid obsessed with making photos? Perhaps he or she is an up-and-coming teen Instagrammer with tons of followers. Then this is the summer camp you’ve been looking for!

Taught by The Image Flow’s Constance Chu, this five-day photography camp is designed for young photographers, ages 11–14, who love to make pictures!

This is a great chance for your budding photographer to gain some photographic knowledge and inspirational fuel, to wow their friends and their teachers with amazing photographs when school’s back in. Inside the classroom and out, the kids will learn how to operate their cameras, and how to use the camera to create the images they want.

Summer photography camp for kids

Kids will get to try several types of photography, from shooting on the street to in the studio. Photo © Constance Chu.

Participants will be introduced to various genres of photography, including abstract, still life, landscape, documentary, and portraiture—not to mention some of the great photographers of our age. Then we’ll encourage the kids to experiment with shooting in these genres, while keeping a close eye on the technical qualities of an image, such as contrast, saturation, and grain.

Each day will consist of a group photo walk around the neighborhood to help them focus on their photography goals and let them practice the new skills they’ve learned. During these photo walks, they will develop and hone their visual acuity, looking for light, shadows, shapes, and more. Some fun places visited in the past include Once Around, Sycamore Park, and Beads of Marin. Students were challenged with fun assignments like making 50 different self portraits!

Post-processing is as important as shooting: Students will learn about the myriad of ways Lightroom can be used to process their images to perfection. The best part—the workshop will conclude with selecting an image created during class, which will be printed and taken home!

summer photography camp for youth

Photo © Max Larsson, student

Class Schedule:

Each day’s class will consist of a one-hour lecture, followed by a one-hour photo walk, and concluded with a one-hour post-processing session.

July 9, 1-4PM: Instruction on manual operation of camera, photo walk, and importing and making a catalog in Lightroom

July 10, 1-4PM: Review of manual operation, discussion of genres of photography, photo walk working on panning, and importing and editing in Lightroom

July 11, 1-4PM: Photo assignment day! Photo walk and editing in Lightroom

July 12, 1-4PM:  Photo assignment day! Photo walk and editing in Lightroom

July 13, 1-4PM: Picasso Light Drawing day! Finish editing and submit chosen image for printing.

Price: $350.00

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July 9 – July 13

Who should take this workshop: 

Kids with a passion for photography—no experience required!

Pertinent details:

  • Maximum eight (9) students
  • Daily photo walks
  • Introduction to Lightroom for archiving and editing
  • Instruction on manual operation of camera
  • 1 image selected for print and taken home

Required materials:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings
  • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed

Further reading:

“I am so happy I came to your camp. I was a little nervous because I didn’t have a camera, but in the end it was a pleasure to be able to use your camera. It taught me so much and it helped for when I get my own—I’ll already know how to use it!” — Sofia Piombo, Summer Photography for Kids 2015

Constance B&W 4x5_smInstructor bio: Constance Chu has a background in psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience—she began teaching college kids how to perform neurophysiology experiments at Brown University! Despite her scientific upbringing, she comes to The Flow with a rather impressive photographic pedigree. Her first digital photography course was in the fall of 2011 at the Ottawa School of Art in Canada. Not long after returning to California, she began working with Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg in San Francisco, first as an intern and then as his interim studio manager. Constance also has a small photography business of her own doing family portraiture and documentary projects.