Photography Workshops and Classes

Explore your passion with our photography workshops and classes!

Whether you’re picking up the camera for the first time or exploring the endless possibilities of Photoshop, The Image Flow is here to help. We offer inspiration, knowledge, expression, and growth in photography through our San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County photography workshops, classes, and lectures. For upcoming events and lectures, visit our Events page.

camera basics, dslr, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, digital photography

dslr, photoshop, digital photography, exposure, aperture, shutter speed

lightroom, post-processing, digital photography, editing, importing, exporting, organizing

photoshop, masking, layers, adjustment, digital photography, dslr, editing

Cuba, workshop, documentary photography, street life, travel

Visual Storytelling Teens Photography Workshop

encaustics, wax, art, workshop

studio, lighting, photography, portraiture, dslr, posing, strobes

travel, photography, dslr, nature, photo excursion, equipment, photo gear


urban landscape, street photography, composition

collage, contact print, paper negative, pinhole, darkroom, alternative photography, cyanotype


Wet Plate Collodion with Kerik Kouklis

Advanced Platinum/Palladium Printing with Kerik Kouklis

alternative process, photography, photo gravure

alternative process,  photography, darkroom, platinum palladium

mixed media, collage, art, materials, photography, workshop