The Hidden Elements of Composition

Monday November 4 OR Thursday February 6, 7 – 9:30 PM
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Composition begins whenever a photographer lifts the viewfinder to their eye, and it underwrites the success of every photograph.  While discussing each student’s photographs, you will learn how to utilize the uncommon elements of composition such as curvilinear and graphic structure, time, emotion, the gestalt principles of perception, etc.  You will learn tools to add depth to your photographs and to hold a viewer’s attention.  Each student will bring five of their favorite photographs ­— prints not digital files.  The goal of the critique is to reveal a richness and depth already present in your work yet unrecognized by you.

Limited to 6 participants

2 1/2 Hours

Photographs by Martin Lesinski

Photographs by Martin Lesinski

Instructor Biography
Martin Lesinski:
 After over 30 years of personal and commercial work, photography continues to provide me with the means to explore life and reveal personal values and truths.  Its gifts are the joyful moments when all of my attention is focused through the viewfinder, when all of my being is engaging what the lens encompasses, and when I put the images up afterwards and listen to what they have to say about the contours of my world.  Website:

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