iPhone Photography with Michelle Grenier

Thursday, April 16, 2015, 7PM–9PM; Saturday, April 18, afternoon/early evening shoot; Tuesday, April 21, 7PM–9PM

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Michelle Grenier iphone photography workshopIn this three-session class you will learn how to optimize your iPhone to create beautiful images!

Join photographer Michelle Grenier to learn about iPhone technology. The class will look at examples of iPhone work and explore tips and techniques on exposure, shooting modes, selecting and processing images, and sharing guides for Instagram.

The afternoon photo walk on Mt Tamalpais with the whole class is sure to inspire, and will offer the perfect setting for real time problem solving! The session closes with classroom photo sharing and critique.

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I am so glad I took the class because I left more inspired to shoot the places around me as well as of far off destinations like Bologna and Paris, which I visited just a few weeks after the workshop. —Joya Read more on her blog.

I was intrigued with the iPhone photography class when I saw Michelle’s gorgeous photographs. She’s not only an extremely talented photographer, she’s a great teacher who shared valuable shooting and editing tips and then took us up on Mt. Tam to try out what we learned. She taught us so much in such a short time. I highly recommend Michelle and the class! —Patty

Michelle’s class opened a new world of photography for me with the “camera” I have with me all the time.  She was very knowledgeable about both the technical aspects of photographing and editing with the iPhone and the artistic elements of composing a beautiful shot. Michelle is a great teacher, easy to understand, very responsive to students’ interests and made the class and shoot informative and fun. —Lowrie

This is an outstanding class for photographers at any level. Even though I came in as a somewhat experienced smartphone camera user, Michelle opened exciting new doors to the way I approach shooting and processing, while providing extremely valuable insight and feedback. I highly recommend this class to any photographer looking to discover the full capabilities of shooting with the iPhone. —Dan

For questions or to register, call: 415.388.3569

Instructor Bio: Michelle Grenier is a passionate mobile phone photographer. She majored in art history in college and further developed her eye through a career in documentary filmmaking. After discovering Instagram in 2011, she found a creative outlet in exploring the art of iPhone photography and quickly became a suggested user, developing a following of over 100,000. Michelle has been featured in photography campaigns for major brands including Samsung and Nike. She is an avid explorer and location scout, drawing primary inspiration from the landscapes and natural wonders of the Bay Area she calls home. http://instagram.com/michiesharine