The Language of Light for Photographers with Leanne Hansen

Language of Light Workshop with Leanne Hansen at The Image Flow in Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Leanne Hansen

Leanne Hansen is offering another session of this popular workshop designed to help build your visual vocabulary and create original, expressive photographs with natural and found light.

Named by PhotoShelter as one of the top Photo Workshops in 2016!

Photographers often think in terms of an object that we want to photograph: a building, a scene in a park, a mountain, or a person. Yet we cannot move beyond basic documentation without fully understanding the qualities of light that surround our subjects, the way the camera “sees” light, and the creative tools we can use to make the most of the light that is available. In this workshop, we will build and practice our “light vocabulary” so that we can expand the way that we see light when we are making photographs.

This six-session workshop will include classroom lectures designed to illuminate concepts and inspire you to try new ways of photographing based on the light available to you. Together, we will practice what we’ve learned in our on-location shooting sessions in the beautiful light in and around Marin County. We’ll work image review time into each lecture, and you’ll have the chance to meet with Stuart Schwartz for a one-on-one printing session.

And— 11×17 prints for this workshop printed on Epson Premium Luster paper will be discounted to $12 each!

Language of Light Workshop with Leanne Hansen at The Image Flow in Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Leanne Hansen

Concepts and skills we’ll explore and practice include:

  • The dynamic qualities of light, from golden, to raking, to gray, and more.
  • How to manage the technical features of your camera to capture the light you love: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture; RAW vs. JPEG; working with the histogram, multiple exposures, and dynamic range; preparing for shooting outdoors and in low light.
  • Creative ideas and strategies to help you to make a photograph that matches your unique vision: Framing and POV; prospecting for personal and compelling shots; using screens and reflections; using different lenses; and learning from the pros.

The three lectures will compose a comprehensive survey of light and how photographers see it and use it to creative expressive images, as well as:

  • Detailed in-class and in-field technical instruction
  • Creative camera techniques that build on your mastery of light
  • How to think and work like a photographic artist

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Six sessions (3 in-class, 3 in-field):
Thursday March 1, Tuesdays March 6 & 13, 7-9PM

Saturday, March 3, Sunrise shoot
Sunday, March 4 & 11, Sunset shoot

Who should take this workshop: 

This workshop is designed for advanced beginning to advanced intermediate photographers who want to continue to explore their creative potential through photography.

Pertinent details:

  • Maximum eight (8) students
  • Participants must be physically capable of carrying their camera equipment during a moderately strenuous hike
  • 11×17 prints on Epson Premium Luster paper will be discounted to $12 each
  • Participants will be expected to deliver their files sized and ready to print

Required materials:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings
  • Tripod
  • Laptop computer with Lightroom installed

Suggested equipment:

  • Neutral density filter for motion and blur photography

Further reading:

“Leanne taught us all so much! I had never shot a landscape or used a tripod (maybe once before) prior to this class. I gained an appreciation for taking my time and really studying and understanding the quality of light before making an image.” — Liz H.

“When living with the demands of family and professional life it is all to easy to let personal desires get sidelined.  However, your simple suggestion of visiting some of our wonderful nearby locations before going to work should prove to be easy as they are so accessible.  Like exercise, making the commitment just needs to be a regular part of one’s routine.  Thank you for your gracious instruction.”  — Mark H.

Leanne Hansen motion blur long exposure photography workshopInstructor Bio:  Leanne lives and works as a commercial and fine art photographer in Marin County, CA. She has participated in numerous group shows at The Image Flow, the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, and Marin Open Studios has been published in the Bay Area Where Guestbook and Edible Marin and Wine Country, and her fine art prints are included in private and corporate collections across the country. This will be Leanne’s fourth workshop at The Image Flow. Her other popular workshops include Motion Blur for Expressive Images and Still Life Photography: Lighting Technique for Flowers. See more of Leanne’s work on her website.