Mixed Media Collage with Michael Cutlip

THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Due to personal reasons, the instructor has had to cancel this workshop. There is no reschedule of the date yet at this time. (Originally scheduled for Saturday, August 15)

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Kkite by Michael cutlip San Francisco mixed media workshop

This mixed media workshop will emphasize collage, image transfer (Xerox), and the use of paint. Michael Cutlip will demonstrate collage technique, image transfer with gel medium, and a unique finishing process that creates a type of patina using oils.

Freedom of process will be encouraged in the workshop! No set rules will be in place. Michael’s goal will be for your artwork to take its own path—one move will lead to the next, and the next, and so on. The use of found objects will also be encouraged. We will discuss the dangers of working with multiple mediums and how to bring all the elements together into one harmonious vision.

All materials will be supplied including two small wood panels. However, students are encouraged to bring in their own personal materials for collage and image transfers. Xerox copies from your local copy store or laser prints will work great. (Inkjet prints will bleed and are not recommended.)

Testimonials: I enjoyed the workshop very much.  I’m a writer/photographer and hoped that working with free-form collage might help me with in-camera composition.  The experience was fun, insightful, and I think that Michael’s alternating style of teaching and then letting us experiment was effective.” —Karen G.

Instructor Bio: Michael Cutlip’s work has been exhibited across the nation as well as Canada and Europe. He was recently featured in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle by art critic Kenneth Baker who wrote, “Stuff piles up in everyone’s life and memory, but few, even among collage makers, can reorder it as artfully as Berkeleyan Michael Cutlip … Adhering collage elements to panels on which he can also paint, Cutlip gives just the right heft to his compositions, a balancing act that many who work in this vein never perfect.” Read more here.