Photographing the Trip of a Lifetime with Anthony Fendler

How to prepare yourself and your gear so that you don’t blow it while you travel.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” —Louis Pasteur

Photographing the Trip of a Lifetime

Three meetings: Tuesday, May 5, 4–6:30PM and Tuesday, May 12, 4–6PM;
30-minute one-on-one session to be scheduled during the week of May 18 or May 25

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You’ve booked your tickets and tours and now you’re finalizing details for your big trip—it could be the trip of a lifetime, and you’ve only got one chance to get it right.

Now is the time to think about how you want to capture the memories of your travels with a camera. Don’t set yourself up for the all-too-common heartbreak of discovering your photos were ruined by technical failures or a lack of experience. No matter whether you’re heading to France, Cuba, Tanzania, or Costa Rica—be prepared so you can make fabulous photographs!

In this workshop, The Image Flow’s Anthony Fendler will address what you need to do to get yourself prepared—mentally and technically—for many of the shooting situations you are likely to encounter on your big trip.

The first meeting will begin with a presentation and conclude with discussion covering:

  • Evaluating the opportunities: Researching the photos that you would like to attempt during your trip;
  • Planning for success: Determining the gear and techniques that you will need to get the shots you are after;
  • Practice makes perfect: Take advantage of our local environments to practice making photos in similar situations as those you will find on the road;
  • Packing heavy and light: How to bring all the gear you will need and only the gear you will use;
  • Better safe than sorry: How to ensure that your equipment will serve you well under taxing conditions and how to protect yourself from common failures that could ruin a trip.

Between sessions you’ll have a little homework: Tony will give each participant an individualized shooting assignment to prepare for the situations likely to be encountered on your big trip.

The second meeting will start with a group critique of everyone’s homework assignments to learn how images succeeded and how they didn’t. We will apply general best practices and troubleshoot the specifics for each submission. Changes to exposure settings, choice of camera or lens, application of optical filters, and other helpful techniques will be revealed.

The third meeting will be 30-minutes one-on-one* with you and the instructor. Tony will review your specific trip plans, gear, and workflow. You will have a chance to resolve any nagging questions and discuss how you plan to apply the tools and techniques that have been discussed.

This workshop will have a maximum of eight (8) students.

*The included one-on-one sessions will be scheduled within a two-week window.

For questions or to register, call: 415.388.3569

Tony Fendler, Fine-Art Printer & Instructor at The Image Flow

Instructor Bio: Anthony Fendler has been planning and packing gear for National Geographic photo assignments since 2006. As lead photography technologist for Frans Lanting Studio, Tony weighed luggage, inventoried cameras, and evaluated the latest gear. Tony is the The Image Flow’s expert on all things gear-related or otherwise technical.